GAT has been written in python and has been tested with the following python versions:

  • python 2.7.3
  • python 2.6.8

GAT requires the following modules to be installed at installation:

The plotting and unit test modules also require scipy and matplotlib.

Installing from PyPi

GAT is available at the python package index and can be installed using pip or setuptools.

To install via pip, type:

pip install gat

To install on OS X, we suggest to begin by installing homebrew by following these instructions

Follow then by:

brew install python --with-brewed-openssl
pip install numpy
pip install cython
pip install gat

Installing via source

The latest changes can be obtained by cloning the repository on github_:

git clone

To install, type:

python install

in the package directory.

Release History

1.2.2 Minor features
  • Added –random-seed as option.
  • moved documentation to read-the-docs.
1.2.1 Bugfix release:
  • added missing files requires.txt to tarball
1.2 Bugfix release:
  • Command line options renamed for CGAT compatibility
  • minor bugfixes
1.1 Bugfix release: easier Galaxy integration
  • Changed to distutils (from distribute)
  • Changed /bin/env to /usr/bin/env

1.0 Release coinciding with publication

  • First release
  • Alpha release